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Why Is Black Tea In Tight Strips?

Why Is Black Tea In Tight Strips?

2021-07-28 16:02:02

The tight strip shaped black tea is more resistant to brewing, and the straight strip shape is more popular with consumers. Master the rolling technology of black tea, choose the correct rolling equipment, welcome your consultation!

Withering Of Black Tea

Withering Of Black Tea

2021-07-20 15:08:21

Withering is the first process in making black tea. Master the correct withering time and withering temperature to achieve the desired degree of withering.

Making The Flat Shape Green Tea

Making The Flat Shape Green Tea

2021-07-13 17:00:39

Flat green tea makes green tea appear in a different shape from ordinary strip green tea when brewed. Through the production of flat green tea, it can be marketed as a market segment with other forms of green tea.

A Pearl Type Green Tea: Biluochun

A Pearl Type Green Tea: Biluochun

2021-07-12 14:53:03

The shape of green tea is more than just a straight rope shape. Our company introduces the production of green tea in different shapes. Upgrade the grade of tea and increase the selling price of tea,

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According to the method of picking, tea picking is usually divided into hand-picked tea and mechanical tea picking.


1. Hand-picked tea

Hand-picked tea is the most traditional method of picking fresh leaves. Picking by hand should be carried out, and pick the fresh tea leaves one by one speparately, not to grab all of them by hands.

Advantages: The standard of tea leaves is unified (for example, only buds are picked, and only one bud and two leaves are picked), which is easy to grasp.

Disadvantages: time-consuming and laborious, high cost of tea picking. If the tea garden area is large, it is difficult to pick in time.



2. Mechanical tea picking

Backpack-type single man tea picking machine


Several types of mechanical tea picking currently used:

1. Backpack-type single man tea picking machine. Mainly for small and medium-sized tea gardens.



2. Double-men tea harvester machine is mainly for medium and large tea gardens.



3. Electric tea picking machine is mainly for small tea gardens.



The picking of fresh leaves is not only related to the quality, yield, and economic benefits of the finished tea, but also to the growth and economic life of the tea tree. Therefore, in the tea production process, the picking of fresh tea is of special importance, and the picking must be timely.

Chinese tea farmers have a proverb that three days early harvest is a treasure, and three days late harvest is grass. That is to say, the tea leaves must be picked in time. The finished tea produced by the early leaves is of high quality, and the later the fresh tea is made, the worse the quality of the finished tea. In addition, timely picking can promote the timely germination of new tea leaves, shorten the interval, greatly increase the frequency of tea picking, achieve the effect of increasing production and income, and can also reduce the pests and diseases of tea leaves.

Q: Why do the first steps of all kinds of tea have to wither?

A: Because the freshly picked tea leaves have more moisture and the grass smell is heavier, they need to be placed in a cool and ventilated room for withering. After withering, the water content of the tea leaves is reduced, the leaves become soft, and the grassy smell disappears. and the aroma of the tea leaves is revealed, which is conducive to subsequent processing, such as fixation, twisting, fermentation, etc. The color, taste, and quality of the green tea are made are better than tea without withering.