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What is the world's first monograph on tea science?

What is the world's first monograph on tea science?

2023-03-25 15:38:48

The first monograph on tea science in China and the first monograph on tea in the history of the world is "The Classic of Tea" written by Lu Yu. Explain the tea in detail

How To  Process Black Tea?

How To Process Black Tea?

2023-03-11 15:34:05

One of important process for the black tea is fermentation, use the suitable fermentation machine could control good quality of black tea.

What is the difference between the different drying processing methods in green tea?

What is the difference between the different drying processing methods in green tea?

2023-03-04 15:34:43

Different green tea drying methods, different machines, green tea strands, and green tea aroma are all different, welcome your contact for more details.

When did green tea start being available?

When did green tea start being available?

2023-02-25 14:55:48

How to process a special needle type green tea, welcome your contact for more details!

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