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The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

2022-10-15 16:15:48

For a different type of tea, using different methods to dry the tea leaves will maximize and retain the aroma of tea leaves, welcome your contact for more details of tea leaves drying.

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

2022-10-15 15:22:15

Tea tree pruning and daily maintenance can make tea tree get more growth nutrients.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

2022-09-22 18:15:48

Modern pressed cake is supported by science, which proves that the pressed cake has more advantages than loose tea in the process of transformation.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

2022-09-22 18:08:30

The selection of history produced Pu'er tea cakes, but the unique shape of Pu'er tea has been preserved to this day due to its unique tea aroma.

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Different tea leaves have different twisting time and different functions

For black tea: Black tea is the fully fermentated tea. It needs enzymes, tannin and other substances in the fresh leaves to react with oxygen and other substances in the air. However, these substances are usually difficult to react with the air in the cell wall. So you need use rolling machine, it twists and rubs the cell walls of the fresh leaves and breaks the tea juice. The substances in the fresh leaves are in full contact with the air for oxidative fermentation. The degree of twisting determines the different color and taste of black tea.

For oolong tea: Oolong tea is the semi-fermented tea. Through the process of withering and shaking, some tea leaves have already begun to ferment. But after fixation, the tea leaves stopped fermenting again, so the most important function for oolong tea is shaping like green tea. When it is twisted into the desired shape, rolling operation could be stopped  and proceed to the next processing.

For green tea: Green tea is the non-fermentated tea. After fixation, the oxidative fermentation has been stopped inside the tea leaves, so the most important reason for the rolling of the green tea is for shaping.

Therefore, the rolling time is much shorter than the black tea. When the tea leaves are rolled into the desired shape, rolling operation could be stopped and proceed to the next step.

  1. Rolling by hands

 Hand twisting is suitable for processing a small amount of green tea. Manual rolling is generally carried out on bamboo sieve or bamboo soft basket.

When rolling, hold the tea leaves in the palm of your hand with one or both hands, and push forward on the bamboo sieve or bamboo basket to turn the tea balls in the palm of your hands. Break up the agglomerated tea balls in the process, so that the tea leaves are not agglomerated and evenly formed. The hand-rolling of green tea only needs to roll as the shape of green tea to finish.


  1. Rolling by machine

At present, almost 99.9% of the rolling work is processed by the tea rolling machine.

The parts of the rolling machine that are in contact with the tea are made of stainless steel to ensure the cleanliness of the tea. The support part is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has strong load-bearing capacity and ensures smooth operation of the machine. The precisely designed rolling strips can make the tea strips tighter during the process of forming the strips, and will not damage the leaves.

One of the essential essential equipment for high-end tea.

In some area of India, Sri Lanka and China, some factories use copper rolling machine that our company can also provide.

Advantage: Professional rolling disc and rolling barrel inclination design make the tea rolling speed faster (Unique design by our company).

The height design of the rolling bar is formed by a one-time mold, so that the height and angle of the bar are uniform and the forming of the tea leaf shape is more compact and beautiful.

Disadvantage: The damage to the tea leaves is only a little larger than that of manual processing.

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