8 Layers 32 Trays Double Door Type Black Tea Oxidation Machine DL-6CFJ-80

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Mechanical Tea Plucking

Mechanical Tea Plucking

2022-06-18 15:36:09

Mechanical tea picking must use the correct method to make the tea tree grow better. At the same time, the fresh leaves after picking must be properly insured and stored.

Notes On Tea Picking

Notes On Tea Picking

2022-06-18 15:29:27

For the better growth of tea leaves, during the tea picking process, attention should be paid to the tea plucking techniques and picking methods.

Standard For Tea Harvesting

Standard For Tea Harvesting

2022-06-11 17:39:36

The standard of tea picking should follow the standard of processed tea, taking into account the problems of leaf retention and harvesting.

Risks And Problems In Tea Picking

Risks And Problems In Tea Picking

2022-06-11 17:04:57

Tea picking should avoid predatory picking, pick according to the actual situation of tea, and protect the tea to the greatest extent.

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8 Layers 32 Trays Double Door Type Black Tea Oxidation Machine DL-6CFJ-80

DL-6CFJ-80 tea fermentation machine materials contact with tea use stainless steel, has 2 doors, 8 layers, each layer has 4pcs middle stainless steel tray, total has 32pcs layers, capacity about 250kg per batch. Humidity and temperature can be controlled intelligently, and tea fermentation is more uniform.

  • Model : DL-6CFJ-80
  • Size : 1570×950×2100 mm
  • Voltage : 220V 50HZ
  • Heating mode : Heating wire
  • Heating power : 6.0 KW
  • Heating group : 1 Group
  • Tray size : 580×420×100 mm
  • Tray quantity : 32 pcs
  • Tray layers : 4×8
  • Efficiency : 250 kg/time
  • Product Details

Tea fermentation process machine mainly used for processing black tea and other fermentation tea, also can also be used for fermentation of seeds or other food.
The automatic intelligent black tea fermentation machine is mainly made of fermented tea such as black tea. It can control the temperature and humidity of the machine box independently and accurately. At the same time, oxygen and gas are exchanged for the tea, so that the tea can be fermented under the most suitable conditions. Let the color of the tea be red, the grassy taste disappears, and the fruit is ripe.


8 Layers 32 Trays Double Door Type Black Tea Oxidation Machine DL-6CFJ-80

Control Pannel Atomization Water Tank
Machine Body Door
Hangle Hinge
Ferment Trays Wheels



1. The solenoid valve design ensures that the water in the tank is kept at the best atomization height.

2. Integrated microcomputer control system, temperature and humidity can be intelligently controlled.

3. Using high-strength steel hinges and door handles, the service life of the machine is increased by 40% compared with other companies.

4. The water tank with atomizer is installed on the top, and the atomized water mist naturally fills the inside of the tea fermentation machine, and the fermentation is more uniform.


Black Tea Oxidation Machine is suitable for processing black / green / oolong / white / dark / herbal tea, the following is the working time required for the above tea production.

 Type Of Tea  Working Time
 Black Tea  2-6 Hours
 Dark Tea  12-24 Hours
 Herbal Tea  2-6 Hours

The above data is for reference only, and the specific processing time shall be determined according to the actual situation.


Black Tea Oxidation Machine specification list:

Model DL-6CFJ-80
Size 1570×950×2100 mm
Voltage 220/50 V/Hz
Heating mode Heating wire
Heating power 6.0 KW
Heating group 1 Group
Power 85 W
Speed 2200 rpm
Voltage 220 V
Tray size 580×420×100 mm
Tray quantity 32 pcs
Tray layers 4×8
Efficiency 250 kg/time

Specification of all of Black Tea Oxidation Machine.

Model 6CFJ-20 6CFJ-60 6CFJ-80 6CFJ-120
Tray Quantity 5pcs 16pcs 32pcs 32pcs
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 380V
Power 3 kw 6 kw 6 kw 9 kw
Capacity 60 kg 150 kg 250 kg 350 kg

If you have special need, it can be customized according to the needs of customers.


Continuous Fermentation Machine For Tea

The high-frequency ultrasonic atomizer can atomize the water into very small droplets, which can enter the tea and improve the uniformity of fermentation.


Continuous Fermentation Machine For Tea

Using a durable electric heating wire with a diameter of 1mm and a high-temperature resistant polymer insulation cake, the service life of the heating wire is increased by 40% compared with other companies.


Black Tea Oxidation

A new type of environmentally friendly high-temperature heat-resistant insulation material, with a thickness of 3 cm, and completely covering the machine to ensure that no heat is wasted and 30% energy saving.


Black Tea Oxidation

The door is lined with high-temperature resistant elastic rubber strips, which can seal the door of the machine to prevent hot air and water mist from escaping.


Black Tea Continuous Oxidation Fermentation Machine For Tea

Black Tea Continuous Oxidation Fermentation Machine For Tea

8 Layers 32 Trays Double Door Type Black Tea Oxidation Machine DL-6CFJ-80

8 Layers 32 Trays Double Door Type Black Tea Oxidation Machine DL-6CFJ-80


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