50cm Diameter Gas Heating Green/Oolong/Yellow Tea Fixation Machine DL-6CST-50

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Benefit Of Tea

Benefit Of Tea

2021-06-19 14:19:46

Drinking tea is becoming a way of life for people, and drinking tea also has a certain positive effect on people’s health.Choosing a good equipment can help improve the quality of tea.

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (2)

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (2)

2021-06-18 17:32:04

3. Ventilation Pu\'er tea also "breathes", and its transformation conditions require oxygen and moisture. If you store Pu\'er tea at home, it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, because the oxygen in the circulating air is ben

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (1)

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (1)

2021-06-18 17:31:51

Generally speaking, ripe tea with normal fermentation is easier to taste after being stored for two to three years. If it is slightly fermented, it will take three years or more for the taste to come out. If the fermentation is too heavy, the opposite is

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357g Of Pu\'er Tea Cake

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50cm Diameter Gas Heating Green/Oolong/Yellow Tea Fixation Machine DL-6CST-50

DL-6CST-50 mainly used for Green/Oolong/Yellow tea processing, inside drum diameter 50cm, length 60cm, use gas heating, speed and temperature adjustable. Capacity about 25 kg per hour.

  • Model : DL-6CST-50
  • Dimensions : 780×1400×1530 mm
  • Voltage : 380/50 V/Hz
  • Drum inner diameter : 500 mm
  • Drum inner length : 600 mm
  • Drum speed : 5-37 min
  • Heating type : Gas heating
  • Capacity per time : 3 kg/batch
  • Capacity per hour : 25 kg/h
  • Product Details

The diameter of this Small Liquid Gas Tea Fixation Machine is 50cm, and the length of the inner straight section is 600mm. Using 220V voltage, it can process 2-4 kg of fresh leaves per batch.
The drum type fixation can be heated by gas or liquefied gas. It has high combustion efficiency, environmental protection and sanitation, good fixation effect. The tea will be good color, full flavor, complete, no loss of nutrients after fixation. It is ideal equipment for tea fixation and other nuts roasting!!!
Tea fixation machine is mainly used for the fixation effect of various types of tea, especially suitable for the fixation of orthodox green tea, oolong tea, and yellow tea. It can also be used for the processing of ginger tea, herbal tea, lotus leaf tea, Ivan tea, etc.
Our gas tea fixation machine uses 2.5mm thick steel plate to prevent the deformation of the high-temperature drum. And it can store heat, less heat loss and small temperature change! The steel plates of similar machines in other factories are only 1.5mm, and our steel plates are 2.5mm. Our machines can save 30% of fuel!
This small device is also suitable for use in tourist areas or resorts that produce tea, with a moderate output, which can increase the revenue of tourist resorts, and also allow tourists to experience the fun of processing tea for themselves.


50cm Diameter Gas Heating Green Oolong Yellow Tea Fixation Machine DL-6CST-50

Control Pannel Heat Sink
Thermometer Handle
Outer Barrel Gearbox
Inner Barrel Balance bolt
Support Wheel Reduction cylinder
Ignition Switch Combustion Zone
Bottom Wheel Support Frame



1. The machine is small and flexible, suitable for small and medium-sized tea processing plants (fine tea processing and production), using a rotating drum cylinder, tea leaves are more evenly fired, tea leaves are heated without dead ends, with pure handwork Unmatched uniformity and breathability, it is an ideal machine for the production and processing of fine tea. It is an alternative equipment for manual firewood wok;
2. Excellent heat insulation, heat preservation and energy saving;
3. Using calcium silicate board, increasing the heat preservation effect and meeting the food hygiene requirements;
4. Increased insulation of the front plate of the drum;
5. Intelligent temperature control system, easy to operate and precise control;
6. Hand and self-integration control, double guarantee;
7. More controllable water vapor emission system for more energy saving.


Green Tea Fixation Machine is suitable for processing green / oolong / herbal tea, the following is the working time required for the above tea production.

 Type Of Tea  Working Time
 Green Tea  4-8 Minutes
 Oolong Tea  4-8 Minutes
 Herbal Tea  4-8 Minutes

The above data is for reference only, and the specific processing time shall be determined according to the actual situation.



Liquid Gas Tea Fixation Machine specification list:

Model DL-6CST-50
Dimensions 780×1400×1530 mm
Voltage 220/50 V/Hz
Drum inner diameter 500 mm
Drum inner length 600 mm
Drive motor Power 0.75 KW
Speed 1390 rpm
Voltage 220 V
Exhaust fan Power 85 W
Speed 2200 rpm
Voltage 220 V
Drum speed 5-37 min
Heating type Gas heating
Capacity per batch 2-4 kg
Capacity per hour 25 kg/h

Specification of all of Green Tea Fixation Machine.

Model 6CST-50 6CST-70 6CST-90 6CST-100
Drum Diameter 50 cm 70 cm 90 cm 100 cm
Drum Length 60 cm 100 cm 124 cm 125 cm
Capacity 25 kg/h 50 kg/h 100 kg/h 150 kg/h

If you have special need, it can be customized according to the needs of customers.


Green Tea Fixation Machine

Integrated microcomputer control system, the fixation time can be intelligently controlled


Fixation Steam Machine

Top cooling switch design, after tea roasting processing, open the cooling valve, can accelerate heat dissipation


Bitter Leaf Tea Fixation Machine

An exhaust fan is added to the rear, which can be turned on and off manually, which can quickly blow away the hot and humid air inside the machine to prevent the tea from being stuffy and affecting the taste


Tea Fixation Machine

There are three valves at the bottom, which can be manually ignited in case of power failure, so tea leaves are not wasted


Liquid Gas Tea Fixation Machine

Preserve the design of the combustion head of the constant burning flame, reserve the constant burning flame after the ignition is successful, re-ignite from the constant burning flame, reduce the pressure of the ignition needle and the ignition coil, and improve the service life


Liquid Gas Heating Bitter Green Tea Fixation Steam Machine


Liquid Gas Heating Bitter Green Tea Fixation Steam Machine


Liquid Gas Heating Bitter Green Tea Fixation Steam Machine


Liquid Gas Heating Bitter Green Tea Fixation Steam Machine

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