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How Is Dargon Ball Tea Made?2

How Is Dargon Ball Tea Made?2

2022-05-14 19:00:46

Before the round type tea ball made, the raw tea still need to process by tea withering machine, tea fixation machine, tea roller and tea dryer.Then shaping by the dragon te ball shaping machine.

How Is Dragon Ball Tea Made? 1

How Is Dragon Ball Tea Made? 1

2022-05-14 17:47:32

Before shaping the dargon ball tea, the raw tea still need to make thoug tea withering, tea fixaiton, tea roling and tea drying.

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Spring Tea Garden Management

2022-04-30 16:44:03

Doing a good job in tea garden management can make the value of spring tea more enhanced.

The Black Tea Fermentation Time

The Black Tea Fermentation Time

2022-04-29 15:35:56

Black tea fermentation has traditional fermentation and machine fermentation, and machine fermentation will become a trend of black tea fermentation.

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Processing Steps Of Pu'er Raw Tea

2022-04-16 13:57:06

The production process of raw Pu-erh tea is picking, withering, fixation, rolling, sun-drying, shaping, drying and packaging. Pu-erh tea is dried by drying. , and puer tea fixation is also the key process of raw tea. The initial tea product is sun-dried tea, which is then shaping and dried to make finished tea.

The uniqueness of Pu-erh tea, the first is the objective advantages: Yunnan's unique climatic conditions; the second is the processing technology of Pu-erh raw tea; the technology is more subjective than other conditions.

The processing steps of Pu'er raw tea

Yunnan big-leaf tea fresh leaves - withering - fixing - rolling - drying - autoclaving - drying.

Picking: Pick one bud and two leaves by hand.

Withering: Cool in a ventilated and dry place without direct sunlight with 30% moisture, and place it above the bamboo pallets. The time depends on the moisture content of fresh leaves and the temperature and humidity at that time.


Tea Fixation: Remove the smell of grass, evaporate part of the water, and facilitate rolling and shaping after frying.


Kneading: There are machine kneading and manual kneading. The tea cell wall is broken, so that the tea juice is easily soluble in the tea soup during brewing, and the extraction rate is improved. Make tea into sticks.


Sun-drying: The rolled tea leaves are naturally dried in the sun to retain the organic and active substances in the tea leaves to the greatest extent. It is easy to retain the essential original flavor of tea leaves after drying.

Tea cake/brick Shaping: Steam the dried tea leaves with steam and press them into different molds. Extract the aroma and make the pectin in the tea overflow the epidermis, which is conducive to pressing and molding and has a unique aroma different from loose tea.


Drying: Control the water content below the water content that can be safely stored. Generally, the water content of Pu'er tea is required to be below 10%.