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The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

2022-10-15 16:15:48

For a different type of tea, using different methods to dry the tea leaves will maximize and retain the aroma of tea leaves, welcome your contact for more details of tea leaves drying.

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

2022-10-15 15:22:15

Tea tree pruning and daily maintenance can make tea tree get more growth nutrients.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

2022-09-22 18:15:48

Modern pressed cake is supported by science, which proves that the pressed cake has more advantages than loose tea in the process of transformation.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

2022-09-22 18:08:30

The selection of history produced Pu'er tea cakes, but the unique shape of Pu'er tea has been preserved to this day due to its unique tea aroma.

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Processing Technology Of Pure Ancient Tree Black Tea

2022-04-08 16:04:56

(1) Picking

Picking is to hold the middle of the young stalk between the leaves with the index finger and the thumb, and use the elasticity of the two fingers to cut off the tea leaves.

(2) Withering

The fresh leaves of ancient trees that have been picked are placed in the sun, or hot air is used to make the moisture of the fresh leaves moderately evapotranspired to reduce the moisture content of the cells, reduce their activity and remove the semi-permeability of the cell membrane, so that the leaves are soft, plastic and easy to shape. If the weather is good, withering can be done indoors or outdoors with the withering racks; if the yield is large and the ventilation is not good, the tea withering machine can be used for rapid withering.

(3) Kneading

Put the withered tea leaves into the tea rolling machine, roll them and form a curl. Due to the pressing, part of the juice is squeezed out and adheres to the surface, so that it can be easily dissolved during brewing. In the tea soup, different teas have different degrees of rolling.

(4) Fermentation

The key to determining the quality of tea color, aroma and taste. Fermentation starts from rolling. Due to the pressure of rolling, leaf cells are damaged, polyphenolic molds are damaged in pro-oxidation, and polymerization is accelerated, and fermentation begins. The black tea fermentation machine is used for fermentation, and the temperature, humidity and time of the machine fermentation can be adjusted according to the condition of the tea leaves to achieve sufficient fermentation.

(5) Drying

Drying is to use a dryer to dry and twist it with hot air to make its water content less than 4%, which is conducive to storage, transportation and sales, usually in order to make the internal and external drying consistent;

The first stage: Evaporate water, prevent mildew-promoting effect, lose water quickly, and reduce water content from about 60% to about 47%, which is conducive to removing foreign odors, increasing temperature and increasing ventilation.

The second stage: shaping (kneading), the water content is reduced to about 18%.

The third stage: the foot is dry, the water content is about 5%.