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The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

2022-10-15 16:15:48

For a different type of tea, using different methods to dry the tea leaves will maximize and retain the aroma of tea leaves, welcome your contact for more details of tea leaves drying.

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

2022-10-15 15:22:15

Tea tree pruning and daily maintenance can make tea tree get more growth nutrients.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

2022-09-22 18:15:48

Modern pressed cake is supported by science, which proves that the pressed cake has more advantages than loose tea in the process of transformation.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

2022-09-22 18:08:30

The selection of history produced Pu'er tea cakes, but the unique shape of Pu'er tea has been preserved to this day due to its unique tea aroma.

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How To Improve The Taste Of Black Tea

2022-02-12 15:54:34

The first is the reason for summer tea. Due to the high content of tea polyphenols, anthocyanins, and caffeine, and the ratio of phenol to ammonia in summer tea itself, the black tea itself made from summer tea has a high degree of bitterness and poor aroma. If the traditional black tea production method is used, the content of polyphenols will be too high, and the bitterness will be obvious. The solution is to increase the withering time, increase the process such as the greening process, reduce the bitterness and improve the aroma of the tea.

The second is the problem of craftsmanship. The time for the tea withering process is not enough, and the enzymatic oxidation of polyphenols is not sufficient, resulting in a higher degree of bitterness in black tea.

In response to this problem, our company provides different ways of withering according to the different needs of customers.

Withering by tea withering machine, temperature and hot air vloume can be adjustable, withering area about 5m², capacity about 100 kg per batch.

If you are home use, this tea withering rack is suitable for you. Natural withering, bamboo tea withering rack.


To make a simple conclusion: 1. If the soup takes too long, the bitterness of the black tea will be obvious; 2. The tea bottom with stems is not uniform and the aroma is not good, that is, the black tea made from summer tea, and the process is not improved accordingly. ; ③ If the bottom of the leaves is soft and thick, the normal buds and leaves are many and the aroma is fragrant, and the color of the soup is red and bright, it means that the tea-making process is not in place, resulting in high bitterness.

If it is because of the astringency of the tea stalk, the tea stems can be used for post-processing of the tea leaves.

Using tea stalk picker machine to pick up the tea stalk, will improve the quality of the black tea.


The last thing to say is that even fully fermented black tea is impossible to be completely free of bitterness; we feel that black tea is sweet and non-bitter, just because the content of monosaccharides in black tea is sufficient, the sweetness can easily mask the weak bitterness.