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Mechanical Tea Plucking

Mechanical Tea Plucking

2022-06-18 15:36:09

Mechanical tea picking must use the correct method to make the tea tree grow better. At the same time, the fresh leaves after picking must be properly insured and stored.

Notes On Tea Picking

Notes On Tea Picking

2022-06-18 15:29:27

For the better growth of tea leaves, during the tea picking process, attention should be paid to the tea plucking techniques and picking methods.

Standard For Tea Harvesting

Standard For Tea Harvesting

2022-06-11 17:39:36

The standard of tea picking should follow the standard of processed tea, taking into account the problems of leaf retention and harvesting.

Risks And Problems In Tea Picking

Risks And Problems In Tea Picking

2022-06-11 17:04:57

Tea picking should avoid predatory picking, pick according to the actual situation of tea, and protect the tea to the greatest extent.

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100kg Oolong Tea (Fresh Leaf) Production Solution

100kg fresh leaves process 25kg finished oolong tea in 12 hours, This page recommends you a full set of green tea production equipment and use methods.

  • Raw tea leaf weight : 100kg
  • Dry tea leaf weight : 25kg
  • Step 1 : Withering
  • Step 2 : Shaking / Tossing
  • Step 3 : Fixing
  • Step 4 : Rolling
  • Step 5 : Drying
  • Step 6 : Sorting
  • Step 7 : Packing
  • Product Details

For the tea equipment recommended on this page, the water content of fresh tea leaf is 75% and that of dry tea is 5%.

According to our local tea production data, 4kg wet tea leaf produces 1kg dry tea.

  Mositure Content (%) Total Weight (kg)
Orginal ≈ 75% ≈ 100kg
After Withering ≈ 73% ≈ 95kg
After Shaking / Tossing ≈ 60% ≈ 65kg
After Fixing ≈ 45% ≈ 45kg
After Rolling ≈ 45% ≤ 45kg
After Drying ≤ 5% ≤ 26kg

The above data are from our local tea production data, and there may be deviations in tea production in different regions.

   1. Withering     

Oolong tea withering step is sunning withering, put the tea leaves under the sun about 30-60 minutes, the best time to choose is 4:00pm - 5:00pm, flip the tea leaf every 10 minutes, make the water content drop to about 78%, the aroma of tea began to show.

We recommend use 2 sets DL-TQJ-20 tea withering rack, capacity 50kg per batch, for 100kg tea leaf need 2 sets, put tea leaves on the bamboo pallets and put under the sun.

With 20pcs Bamboo Pallets Tea Natural Wither Rack DL-TQJ-20

Recommended Working Data
Temp Room Temperature
Time 30-60 minutes
Capacity 2.5 kg per tray

The mositure content after withering step will drop to 73%, total weight of tea leaf about 95kg.

   2. Shaking / Tossing     

Shaking and withering are both parts of the fermentation. During the withering process of oolong tea, because the leaves are calmly placed, a lot of water will only evaporate from the leaves, and the water in the leaf stalks is not lost, which will lead to the bitterness of the tea leaves is very strong, which seriously affects the quality of oolong tea. It is necessary to shake. Through the shaking process, the activity of the leaves is enhanced. The water in the leaf stalks continues to be transported to the leaves, allowing the leaves to re-evaporate the water, Distribute the grassy smell of tea leaves, so that the taste of the finished oolong tea will not very bitter, greatly improving the quality of oolong tea.

We recommend use 1 set DL-6CYQT-60 oolong tea shaking drum, capacity 32kg per batch, for 95kg tea leaf need 1 set.

After shaking, oolong tea needs to be placed on the withering racks in the first step (each rest time should be put tea on the bamboo pallets).

Oolong tea should be green with red edges after shaking, which means that the inside of the leaf is still green, but the edge of the leaf is red.

Oolong Tea Processing Shaking Bamboo Drum Machine DL-6CYQT-6015

Recommended Working Data
Temperature ≈20℃
Ambient Humidity ≈50%
First Shaking Rest Time 3-4 minutes
Second Shaking Time 1.5-2 Hours
Second Shaking Rest Time 5-10 minutes
Third Shaking Time 2-2.5 Hours
Third Shaking Rest Time 20-25 Minutes
Shaking Speed 6-12 Hours
Capacity 32 kg/batch

The mositure content after shaking step will drop to 60%, total weight of tea leaf about 65kg.

   3. Fixing     

The step of fixation is mainly used for the production of various unfermented or semi-fermented teas. The activity of the enzyme in the fresh leaves is reduced by high temperature, the tea polyphenols in the fresh leaves are stopped for oxidative fermentation, and the odor of the grass is removed, the aroma of the tea leaves is excited, and the moisture in the fresh leaves is evaporated. The fresh leaves become softer, which is conducive to the subsequent rolling process, and the tea leaves are not easily damaged.

We recommend use 1 set DL-6CST-50B tea fixation machine, capacity 25kg per hour, for 65kg tea leaf need 1 set, working time about 2.5 hours.

50cm Diameter Gas Heating Green/Oolong/Yellow Tea Fixation Machine DL-6CST-50

Recommended Working Data
Temperature 250℃ - 320℃
Time 5-7 Minutes
Rotate Speed 30 rpm
Capacity 2.5 kg per batch

The mositure content after withering step will drop to 45%, total weight of tea leaf about 45kg.

   4. Rolling     

Different tea leaves have different rolling time and different functions.

For oolong tea: Oolong tea is the semi-fermented tea. Through the process of withering and shaking, some tea leaves have already begun to ferment. But after fixation, the tea leaves stopped fermenting again, so the most important function for oolong tea is shaping like green tea. When it is twisted into the desired shape, rolling operation could be stopped  and proceed to the next processing.

We recommend use 1 set DL-6CRT-30 Tea Rolling Machine, capacity 5kg per batch, for 45kg tea leaf need 1 set, working time about 1-2 hours.

30cm Drum Smaller Cheaper SS Type Tea Leaf Rolling Machine DL-6CRT-30

Recommended Working Data
Rotate Speed 42 rpm
Time About 10 Minutes
Capacity 5 kg per batch

The mositure content after rolling step will not change, mositure content still 45%, total weight of tea leaf about 45kg.

   5. Drying     

The drying of oolong tea is usually to evaporate the moisture in the tea leaves so that the tea leaves are tightened and shaped, more compact, and the green grass flavor is exuded to enhance the aroma of oolong tea.

We recommend use 1 set DL-6HZ-5 Tea Drying Machine, capacity 15-20kg per batch, for 45kg tea leaf need 1 set, working time about 2 hours.

14 Layers 70cm Tray Smaller Rotating Tea Drying Machine DL-6CHZ-5QB

Recommended Working Data
Temperature 85℃ - 95℃
Rotate Speed 6 rpm
Time 40-60 Minutes
Capacity 15-20 kg/batch

The mositure content after rolling step will drop to less than 5%, total weight of tea leaf about 25kg.

   6. Sorting     

In the process of making tea, due to the different size, shape and age of the collected tea, the quality of the tea produced is also different. And the tea may be broken during the production process, we need to classify different grades and different sizes. The teas are selected, and different grades of tea are sold at different prices, thus maximizing the profit of tea production.

Small Type Tea Winnower Sorter Screener Machine DL-6CFX-435QB

   7. Packing     

For different regions and customers, we can't know everyone's different needs for packaging. For different packaging, you can visit the following links to choose your favorite packaging.

   Get Quotation     

The following is the summary model and required quantity of equipment recommended on this page:

Name Model Quantity
Tea Withering Rack DL-TQJ-20 2
Tea Shaking Machine DL-6CYQT-6015 1
Tea Fixing Machine DL-6CST-50B 1
Tea Rolling Machine DL-CRT-30 1
Tea Drying Machine DL-6CHZ-5 1
Tea Sorting Machine DL-6CFX-435QB 1

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