1210mm Lavender Herb Harvester Machine With Rack And Wheels DL-4CP-1210W

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1210mm Lavender Herb Harvester Machine With Rack And Wheels DL-4CP-1210W

DL-4CP-1210W lavender harvester machine is easy to use, added a shelf design, and the height of the harvesting can be adjusted by 20cm, cheaper than starr clier machine.

  • Model : DL-4CP-1210W
  • Engine model : G4K
  • Cutting width : 1210 mm
  • Engine power : 2.2kw / 2.9HP
  • Engine stroke : 2 stroke
  • Displacement : 41.5CC
  • Cooling type : Air cooling
  • Blade type : Straight/curved type
  • Packing size : 142×52×45cm
  • Weight : 50kg
  • Product Details

Lavender plcuking machine using our own G4K 2 stroke, 41.5CC, 2.2KW gasoline engine, output power is larger than 4 stroke, please note that the ratio of engine oil to gasoline is 25:1. The performance is more stable, and will not extinguish at high temperature. lavender picking is more efficient and efficiency is 40 times that of manual labor.

Due to the low elevation of lavender, conventional harvesters require people to bend down to pick them, which makes them uncomfortable after working for a long time. We have added a shelf design, and the height of the picking can be adjusted by 20cm, which perfectly fits most of the lavender farms, and is a right-hand man for picking lavender and other flowers


1. Gear type clasp design, high strength, not loose, tea picking process more relaxed.
2. With shelves and wheels, there is no need to bend down, reducing the burden on the body.
3. Clutch and throttle switch integrated design, made of high strength alloy, service life increased by 100%.
4. Independently designed fan blade and fan cover, plastic fan and aluminum fan are available for higher strength and more sufficient air volume.


Tea Harvester Two Men

Our self-developed gasoline engine has low noise, sufficient power and more fuel saving.

Double Tea Leaf Harvester

Since eight years ago, we were not satisfied with using gearbox accessories of the same poor quality as other peers. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build our own gearbox components, which increased the life of the machine by 100%

Two Man Tea Harvesting Machine

SK5 carbon tool steel has been quenched with high hardness and strong wear resistance. It can cut 1cm thick branch directly.


Lavender harvester specification list:

Model DL-4CP-1210W
Engine model G4K
Cutting width 1210 mm
Engine power 2.2kw / 2.9HP
Engine stroke 2 stroke
Displacement 41.5CC
Cooling type Air cooling
Blade type Straight/Curved type
Packing size 142×52×45cm
Weight 50kg

Specification of all of One Men Use Lavender Herb Harvester.

Model Cutting Width Engine Power
DL-4CP-1210W 1210/1140/1000 mm G4K 2.2 KW
DL-4CH-1210W 1210/1140/1000 mm G4K 2.2 KW

If you have special need, it can be customized according to the needs of customers.


Small Single Row Lavender Harvester Machine Price For Sale
1210mm Lavender Herb Harvester Machine With Rack And Wheels DL-4CP-1210W
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Small Single Row Lavender Harvester Machine Price For Sale


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