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What is the world's first monograph on tea science?

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When did green tea start being available?

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Tea Garden Management Before Spring Tea

2022-01-11 14:33:29

1. Weeding and loosening the soil: After 4-5 months of rain and snow in the tea garden, the soil has been compacted, and some grasses have grown. At this time, the soil temperature is low. Therefore, weeding and loosening the soil in the tea garden before the spring tea is mined. It is conducive to loosening the soil, increasing the soil temperature, cutting weeds, reducing the consumption of water and nutrients, and promoting the early germination of spring tea. Weeding and loosening the soil is generally carried out at the end of February and the beginning of March, with a depth of 10-15 cm.
2. Apply germination fertilizer: The time to apply germination fertilizer should be earlier rather than later. It should be applied in a trench 15-20 cm away from the root of the tea tree. Apply 30-35 kg of urea or 30 kg of compound fertilizer or 2000-2500 kg of decomposed bar fertilizer per mu. Cover with soil after application. For tea gardens that cannot be ditched and fertilized, urea can be spread on rainy days, and the tea canopy can be shaken with a bamboo pole to let the fertilizer fall into the soil.
3. Pruning: Pruning is best done at the end of February to before the sting, and no later than March 10. Therefore, after a winter of dormancy, the stems and roots of the tea tree store a lot of nutrients, and it is easy to recover after pruning. In addition, the temperature rises in early spring, and the branches that grow after pruning are not easy to be frozen, and the labor is not tense and easy to master. The production of tea gardens generally advocates the use of tea tree pruning machines for light pruning, that is, the autumn shoots (green stems) of last year are generally cut off, and the spring and summer shoots (red stems) are kept, and about 2 to 3 cm are cut off for tea garden management. If the crown of the tree is frozen, it should be pruned according to the degree of freezing, and the pruning should be shallow rather than deep, so as not to cut off some branches that can still germinate. For tea gardens that are not frozen and pick famous tea, in order to pick early spring tea, it can be changed to spring pruning to pruning after spring tea.
4. Antifreeze: The climate in early spring is abnormal, and the temperature is warm and cold. This climatic condition is extremely unfavorable for the production of high-grade and famous tea in tea gardens. In the early spring season, you should pay attention to the local weather forecast at any time, and take measures to prevent the cold spring in advance. After the release of the cold wave forecast, for the tea gardens of early-growing varieties that have sprouted leaves, it is necessary to concentrate manpower to rush to pick young and tender leaves to reduce the loss of freezing damage. Cover the tea shop with straw, weeds or shading nets in windward slope tea gardens that are prone to frost damage, and remove the covering in time after the cold wave. After the tea tree is damaged by freezing, corresponding care and rejuvenation measures must be taken according to the freezing situation, so that the tea tree can recover as soon as possible.
5. Ditch clearing and drainage: There is a lot of rain in spring. If the tea garden is not properly drained, the tea trees are susceptible to water damage and rotten roots, resulting in delayed tea buds and reduced yields. Therefore, it is necessary to open ditches for drainage in time, clean and dredge the drainage ditches to ensure that the groundwater level is below 1 meter, so that the tea gardens are dry and no water accumulates when the rain stops.
6. Foliar fertilizer: In early March, when the temperature exceeds 12 °C, the absorption function of tea leaves can be used, and organic fertilizers can be applied outside the roots to promote early germination of tea trees, increase yield and improve quality.
7. Pest control: During the spring tea picking period, it is at the initial stage of the occurrence of aphids, tea caterpillars and black thorn whitefly, and should be sprayed with 20% pyrethroid 2000-3000 times liquid before the Qingming after the spring equinox.

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