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The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

2022-10-15 16:15:48

For a different type of tea, using different methods to dry the tea leaves will maximize and retain the aroma of tea leaves, welcome your contact for more details of tea leaves drying.

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

2022-10-15 15:22:15

Tea tree pruning and daily maintenance can make tea tree get more growth nutrients.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

2022-09-22 18:15:48

Modern pressed cake is supported by science, which proves that the pressed cake has more advantages than loose tea in the process of transformation.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

2022-09-22 18:08:30

The selection of history produced Pu'er tea cakes, but the unique shape of Pu'er tea has been preserved to this day due to its unique tea aroma.

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Fixation Of Pu'er Tea

2022-01-11 15:17:23

(1) Tea fixation is mainly to destroy and passivate the oxidase activity in the fresh leaves through high temperature, inhibit the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols in the fresh leaves, evaporate part of the moisture of the fresh leaves, make the tea soft, easy to roll and shape, and emit light at the same time. Green odor, promote the formation of good aroma.

(2) The temperature of using the tea fixaton pot is 220-240°C. When frying, take 5-8 kg as a pot, and fry for 50-60 minutes.

(3) The purpose of applying tea fixation pot to fixation mainly has the following 4 aspects:

a. Use high temperature to quickly denature and inactivate the enzymes in fresh leaves (mainly polyphenol oxidase PPO and peroxidase POD), prevent the oxidation of polyphenols and prevent the leaves from turning red;

b. Evaporate the moisture of the leaves to make the leaves soft and create conditions for rolling;

c. Through high temperature, some aromas and bad odors with low boiling point are volatilized, and some new special aromas are formed to improve the aroma of tea leaves;

d. Change the properties of ingredients and promote the formation of the quality of sun-dried green tea.

Why are ancient tree tea and Pu'er tea need longtime tea fixation?

If the tea fixaton is too light, that is, during the fixation process, the fixation time is too short and the temperature is too low, which does not meet the requirements of passivation of active enzymes and good release of aroma substances in tea leaves.

If the temperature is not well controlled during tea fixation pot working, the temperature is too low to meet the needs of tea fixation, and the fixation time is too short, which will cause the active enzymes in the fresh leaves to not be inhibited, the green flavor will not be removed cleanly, and the tea fragrance will not overflow. It is not conducive to later conversion.

What kind of smell did you smell when you were working on it?

During the fixation process of tea leaves, a large amount of low-boiling substances (mainly green leaf alcohol and green leaf aldehyde) are taken away with the evaporation of a large amount of water vapor. When the concentration of green leaf alcohol is high, it has a strong grassy smell.

After the completion of fixation, the concentration of green leaf alcohol decreases, and a part of it forms trans green leaf alcohol, and trans green leaf alcohol has a clear fragrance.

Other high-boiling aromatic substances also begin to reveal, resulting in unique aromas such as floral and honey.

Our company conducts research on the tea characteristics of ancient tree tea and Pu'er tea, and develops a tea fixation pot and tea fixation machine for tea processing. In the use of the machine, master the reasonable time and temperature, observe the processing state of the tea leaves, and then process the machine with good quality.