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Gas Heating Small Continuous Belt Type Tea Drying Machine DL-6CHL-RQ10

DL-6CHL-RQ10 is small type tea drying machine, can drying for all kind tea, use gas heating, capacity from 60kg to 400kg per hour, temperature and speed adjustable, safety, energy saving and environmental protection

  • Model : DL-6CHL-RQ10
  • Size : 4400*2020*2540
  • Voltage : 220V / 380V
  • Drying area : 10 m²
  • Drying plate later : 6
  • Drying time : 8-90 minutes
  • Fuel : Gas
  • Capacity : 70kg/h
  • Product Details

The gas heating chain plate tea drying machine is suitable for continuous line tea production, which greatly saves labor costs. It uses high-quality diesel burners and high-efficiency heat exchange devices, with small heat loss and fast machine heating. With three high-power high-air-flow motors, It can quickly exhaust the hot and humid air inside the machine, and it also has a hot air circulation device, which can effectively reduce the temperature change inside the machine and greatly save fuel costs.

The machine can adjust the air volume and drying time for different tea production, ensure that the tea is completely dried.And optimize the internal structure, low noise,when the material is dropped, the smallest damage to the tea. Make sure that the good color of the tea,good flavor,high quality.

This machine can not only dry tea but also various foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, etc.Supports custom stainless steel styles and custom machine sizes as needed.


1. The gas burner imported from Japan is used with precise computer program control to ensure that the fuel is fully burned, achieving the highest thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection;

2.Using the latest hot gas recovery technology, mechanical heating fast, heat loss is small;

3.Using the latest CNC punching technology, the mesh is flat, the air permeability is good, the water vapor transmission speed is fast, the water in the tank does not accumulate, ensuring that the color of the drying material is more fresh green;

4.The whole machine is strong, the appearance is generous, the lines are tough, the new ultra-low hopper design, stable and practical, easy to dump, high work efficiency; at the same time with high-quality parts, new microcomputer automatic control, easy to operate, stable quality It saves time and effort, and is the ideal machine for drying your materials. 


KEYWORDS is suitable for processing black / green / oolong / white / dark / herbal tea, the following is the working time required for the above tea production.

 Type Of Tea  Working Time
 Black Tea  10-30 Minutes
 Green Tea  10-30 Minutes
 White Tea  10-30 Minutes
 Oolong Tea  10-30 Minutes
 Herbal Tea  10-30 Minutes

The above data is for reference only, and the specific processing time shall be determined according to the actual situation.


Gas Heating Chain Plate Continuous Dryer specification list:

Model DL-6CHL-RQ10
Size 4400×2120×2230 mm
Voltage 220V / 380V
Drying area 10 m2
Drying plate later 6
Drying time 8-90 minutes
Heating element Gas burner
Fuel Gas / Propane
Fan motor Power 1.5 KW
Speed 1400 rpm
Voltage 220 V
Drive motor Power 1.5 KW
Speed 1400 rpm
Voltage 220 V
Feed motor Power 0.55 kw
Speed 1400 rpm
Voltage 220 V
Moisture content of wet tea ≈ 50%
Moisture content of dried tea ≤5%
Weight loss per m² per hour 6 kg
Capacity for wet tea 120  kg/h
Capacity for dried tea 70  kg/h

Specification of all of Gas Heating Chain Plate Continuous Dryer.

Model Drying Area Capacity
(Wet Tea)

(Dried Tea)

6CHL-RQ10 10 m2 120 kg/h 70 kg/h
6CHL-RQ16 16 m2 200 kg/h 110 kg/h
6CHL-RQ20 20 m2 250 kg/h 140 kg/h
6CHL-RQ24 24 m2 300 kg/h 165 kg/h
6CHL-RQ30 30 m2 370 kg/h 200 kg/h
6CHL-RQ32 32 m2 400 kg/h 220 kg/h
6CHL-RQ40 40 m2 490 kg/h 270 kg/h
6CHL-RQ50 50 m2 610 kg/h 330 kg/h
6CHL-RQ60 60 m² 735 kg/h 400 kg/h

If you have special need, it can be customized according to the needs of customers.


Green Tea Dryer Machine Price
Small Tea Dryer Machine
Tea Dryer Machine Mini

Rear air intakes are pre-heated to save fuel.

Yellow Tea Dryer Processing

Japanese original Olympia burner.

Gas Heating Small Continuous Belt Type Tea Drying Machine DL-6CHL-RQ10

With a transparent observation window, you can observe the internal tea status at any time.

Small Green/Yellow Tea Dryer Processing Machine Mini Price

The front dust collecting tray is added, and the tea powder can be cleaned by directly pulling out the tray, which is clean and hygienic.

Gas Heating Small Continuous Belt Type Tea Drying Machine DL-6CHL-RQ10

Stainless steel chain plate, food grade material.

Gas Heating Small Continuous Belt Type Tea Drying Machine DL-6CHL-RQ10

Fully integrated control box, easy and fast to use.


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