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The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

The Drying Process Of Different Tea Leaves

2022-10-15 16:15:48

For a different type of tea, using different methods to dry the tea leaves will maximize and retain the aroma of tea leaves, welcome your contact for more details of tea leaves drying.

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

Daily Maintenance Of Tea Tree

2022-10-15 15:22:15

Tea tree pruning and daily maintenance can make tea tree get more growth nutrients.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 2

2022-09-22 18:15:48

Modern pressed cake is supported by science, which proves that the pressed cake has more advantages than loose tea in the process of transformation.

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

Why should Pu'er tea be pressed into tea cakes? 1

2022-09-22 18:08:30

The selection of history produced Pu'er tea cakes, but the unique shape of Pu'er tea has been preserved to this day due to its unique tea aroma.

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What Is White Tea Drying?

2021-12-22 15:29:12

What is dryness? The "Chinese Tea Dictionary" says: "The process of letting excess water vaporize, destroying enzyme activity, inhibiting enzymatic oxidation, promoting thermochemical reactions of the contents of tea, improving the aroma and taste of tea, and forming a shape. The beginning of tea The last process of making, after refining, also need to be dried. Drying temperature, amount of leaves, time, operation method are the technical indicators to ensure product quality.

After the white tea wither reaches the technological requirements, it enters the drying stage of the initial production process, that is, baking (drying).

How many ways are white tea drying?

The drying stage is roasting, and white tea drying methods include charcoal drying, electric roasting cage, and mechanical drying machine.

The drying process of white tea combines traditional and modern methods. The traditional method is roasting with charcoal fire, and the modern method uses a white dryer for drying.

What are the characteristics of traditional drying technology and modern drying technology?

Traditional drying process: roasting on charcoal fire. This method has been popular since the Ming and Qing dynasties, and it has been passed down to the present and is widely used. The composition of the baking cage is made of bamboo strips. After charcoal roasting, the white tea has an obvious charcoal and fine aroma. The characteristics of the white tea aroma and taste made by this drying process are widely loved.

Modern drying technology: Most modern white tea production uses dryers, electric roasters cage, and tea drying machine to complete drying. Tea drying machine is used when the withered leaves of white tea reach 90% dryness.

Due to the different drying methods, the aroma and taste of white tea will be slightly different. Regardless of the traditional drying method or the modern drying method, the ultimate goal is to promote the vaporization of the moisture of the tea, so as to meet the storage and drinking standards. .

The standard stipulates that the moisture content of white tea must be less than 8%, and the moisture content of white tea treated by the drying process is mostly controlled below 6%. For long-term storage, the moisture content of tea should be around 5%-6%.