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How Is Dargon Ball Tea Made?2

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The Difference Between Wuyi Rock Tea And Black Tea

2022-04-02 14:31:18

1. Different processing method

Black tea is fully fermented tea. During the processing, black tea need the fermentation machine to do the fermetation.

Rock tea is semi-fermented tea. Rock tea belongs to oolong tea: it is a semi-fermented tea, that is, it is properly fermented during production to make the leaves slightly reddish. It is a kind of tea between green tea and black tea. It has both the freshness of green tea and the sweetness of black tea. Because the middle of the leaves is green and the edges of the leaves are red, it is called "green leaves with red borders". This processing need the unique Electric/Wood Heating Hot Air Oolong Tea Shaking Drum Machine to processing the wuyi rock tea, this processing make the dfference between wuyi rock tea and other kinds of tea.

2. The raw materials are different

The fresh tea leaves used in black tea is similar to green tea, while the fresh tea leave used in semi-fermented rock tea is older, so you can usually see buds and leaves on the bottom of black tea, but the bottom of rock tea is thicker. This is caused by the different species of trees they use to pick fresh tea leaves. 

3. Different colors

After the tea bottom of black tea is steeped, it should be brownish red, while the bottom of rock tea is brownish black.

4. The aroma is different

The aroma of black tea is generally honey, potato, caramel, etc., while rock tea is mainly fragrant of rock bone flowers and fruit.

5. Different baking methods

Both rock tea and black tea have been dried by machine. The difference is that rock tea is roasted with charcoal, while black tea is smoked with pine wood.