Is oolong tea a semi-fermented tea? How to process oolong tea?

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Benefit Of Tea

Benefit Of Tea

2021-06-19 14:19:46

Drinking tea is becoming a way of life for people, and drinking tea also has a certain positive effect on people’s health.Choosing a good equipment can help improve the quality of tea.

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (2)

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (2)

2021-06-18 17:32:04

3. Ventilation Pu\'er tea also "breathes", and its transformation conditions require oxygen and moisture. If you store Pu\'er tea at home, it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, because the oxygen in the circulating air is ben

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (1)

Storage Of Pu\'er Tea (1)

2021-06-18 17:31:51

Generally speaking, ripe tea with normal fermentation is easier to taste after being stored for two to three years. If it is slightly fermented, it will take three years or more for the taste to come out. If the fermentation is too heavy, the opposite is

357g Of Pu\'er Tea Cake

357g Of Pu\'er Tea Cake

2021-06-18 17:31:36

There are various shapes of pressed Pu\'er tea on the market, including big cake, small cake, tuo-shaped, pumpkin-shaped, brick-shaped and so on. Yunnan Pu\'er tea is a major specialty product in Yunnan and is loved by many people. 357 grams is r

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Is oolong tea a semi-fermented tea? How to process oolong tea?

2021-04-22 17:35:13

Oolong tea is a unique existence among all teas. It belongs to a kind of semi-fermented tea. This kind of tea is processed through multiple processes such as drying, drying and shaking, as well as finishing and rolling, and the finished product is processed. Tea has the fragrance and floral fragrance of green tea, and the mellowness of black tea.


The production process of oolong tea is withering → shaking → fixing → rolling → drying.


1. Withering: It is divided into two types: sunlight withering and indoor withering. Sunlight withering is also known as sun-dried green, which allows fresh leaves to emit some water, and moderately transforms the contents of the leaves to reach a suitable degree of fermentation; indoor withering, also known as cool green, allows fresh leaves to wither naturally indoors, and is also a common type of oolong tea withering method.


Oolong Tea Withering Rack

2. Shaking: is the key to making oolong tea (green tea) green. After the withered tea leaves are shaken for 4 to 5 times, the fresh leaves undergo a series of biochemical changes, forming the unique "green leaf and red border" characteristics of the oolong tea base and the unique aroma of oolong tea.


Oolong Tea Shaking Drum Machine

3. Fixing: Use a green-fried machine to destroy the tea enzymes in the tea to prevent the leaves from turning red, so that the green taste in the tea fades and the tea fragrance emerges.


Oolong Tea Fixing Fixation Machine

4. Rolling: It is a sculpting step, that is, the tea leaves are made into a ball or strip shape to form the shape and structure of oolong tea.


Oolong Tea Leaf Rolling Machine

5. Baking: Drying, removing excess water and bitterness, and roasting until the tea stems are broken and crispy, and the smell is pure, making the tea more mellow.

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Oolong Tea Drying And Baking Machine