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What is the world's first monograph on tea science?

What is the world's first monograph on tea science?

2023-03-25 15:38:48

The first monograph on tea science in China and the first monograph on tea in the history of the world is "The Classic of Tea" written by Lu Yu. Explain the tea in detail

How To  Process Black Tea?

How To Process Black Tea?

2023-03-11 15:34:05

One of important process for the black tea is fermentation, use the suitable fermentation machine could control good quality of black tea.

What is the difference between the different drying processing methods in green tea?

What is the difference between the different drying processing methods in green tea?

2023-03-04 15:34:43

Different green tea drying methods, different machines, green tea strands, and green tea aroma are all different, welcome your contact for more details.

When did green tea start being available?

When did green tea start being available?

2023-02-25 14:55:48

How to process a special needle type green tea, welcome your contact for more details!

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Spring Tea Garden Management

2022-04-30 16:44:03

After the beginning of spring, tea farmers should take six major measures, including tea garden pruning, top dressing, cultivating, moisture protection, cold protection, and early harvesting, to implement tea garden management and promote tea production and efficiency.

1. Pruning: Pruning can stimulate the germination of tea buds, but we must pay attention to the specific operations, and try to retain the vigorously growing branches to increase the yield of spring tea. 

2. Top dressing: First, top dressing on the roots. Generally, after the beginning of spring (mid-late February to early March), shallow trenches are opened on the outside of the canopy between the rows of tea trees, and 30-40 kg of organic and inorganic compound fertilizer is applied per mu, and then covered with soil to prevent Nutrient loss is lost. The second is foliar spraying of fertilizer. Generally, 5 to 7 days before spring tea picking, or after tea picking, choose cloudy or sunny mornings, use foliar fertilizer to enhance leaf fiber, thicken wax layer, and increase crop resistance. Pest and disease function; Supplement plant essential amino acids and improve tea quality.

3. Moisture protection: First, loosen the soil. The dry year is conducive to water storage and moisturizing, and the rainy season is conducive to loosening and warming, both of which are conducive to the growth of tea trees. The second is weeding to prevent grass shortage in spring. For tea gardens that are prone to waterlogging, the ditches should be dredged at the same time as cultivation to prevent waterlogging of the tea gardens in years with more spring rain, which will affect the growth of spring tea.

4. Moisture protection: In the years of continuous drought in winter and spring, the soil moisture in the tea garden is insufficient, which is extremely unfavorable for the early blooming of spring tea and the increase in the production of famous tea. In this case, on the one hand, it is necessary to actively test water to divert water to fight drought, and on the other hand, take measures such as cultivating, mulching, straw, weeds, etc., to reduce the exposed surface, prevent soil water loss, and at the same time increase the ground temperature.

5. Cold prevention: The cold in early spring is extremely harmful to the sprouted tea buds and new buds, which will lead to a decrease in the yield of spring tea and poor quality of spring tea.

6. Early picking: The earlier the spring tea goes on the market, the higher the price. At the same time, early harvest of spring tea is also an effective measure to prevent freezing damage in early spring.