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Mechanical Tea Plucking

2022-06-18 15:36:09

Mechanical tea picking must use the correct method to make the tea tree grow better. At the same time, the fresh leaves after picking must be properly insured and stored.

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Notes On Tea Picking

2022-06-18 15:29:27

For the better growth of tea leaves, during the tea picking process, attention should be paid to the tea plucking techniques and picking methods.

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Standard For Tea Harvesting

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Risks And Problems In Tea Picking

Risks And Problems In Tea Picking

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Tea Dust/Fragment Circular Motion Vibrating Screen Separator Sorter DL-6CZDS-60

Circular vibrating screen separator mainly for sorting different size of tea dust/powder/fragment, used for CTC tea or other crushed tea leaf, Optional different screens to get different sizes of tea.

  • Model : DL-6CZDS-60
  • Volatage : 220V 50/60Hz
  • Power : 0.55kw
  • Diameter : 600mm
  • Materials Max Diameter : <10mm
  • Mesh Size : 2-325#
  • Layers : 1-5 layers
  • Product Details

The circular vibrating screening machine is the latest and most advanced screening equipment in the world. It integrates plane screening, swing screening, rolling screening and vibration screening. Suitable for liquid and non-liquid filtration in all walks of life.
This machine makes the screen move three-dimensionally through the up and down excitation force of the vibrating motor, forcing the material to move forward in a spiral jumping shape, and finally discharge from the discharge port.
The material with a minimum diameter of 0.025mm can be screened out, and 1-5 layers of screens can be optionally installed to sort or filter materials of 2-6 grades.


1. Wide screening range, the minimum screen size is 0.028mm;
2. Fully enclosed structure, material does not fly, and liquid does not leak;
3. The grid structure has no dead angle, and the discharge port can be adjusted 360 degrees;
4. With vibrating ball, no material blocking, high screening efficiency;
4. The screen mesh is easy to replace and easy to operate.


Circular vibrating screen separator specification list:

Model DL-6CZDS-60
Volatage 220V 50/60Hz
Power 0.55kw
Diameter 600mm
Sieve Diameter 530mm
Sieve Area 0.22 m²
Materials Max Diameter 10mm
Mesh Size 2-325#
Layers 1-5 layers
Vibration frequency 1500 rpm

  Specification of all of all circular motion vibrating screener

Model Diameter Sieve Area Mesh Size Layers
DL-6CZDS-45 45cm 0.09 m² 2-325 # 1-5
DL-6CZDS-60 60cm 0.22 m² 2-325 # 1-5
DL-6CZDS-80 80cm 0.4 m² 2-325 # 1-5
DL-6CZDS-100 100cm 0.63 m² 2-325 # 1-5
DL-6CZDS-120 120cm 0.95 m² 2-325 # 1-5
DL-6CZDS-150 150cm 1.5 m² 2-325 # 1-5
DL-6CZDS-180 180cm 2.3 m² 2-325 # 1-5
DL-6CZDS-200 200cm 2.86 m² 2-325 # 1-5

If you have special need, it can be customized according to the needs of customers.


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